Why we love the Dallas Public Library

  You guys are THE BEST! Thank you for everything you do and the wonderful institution you support!


  Thank you for providing such wonderful services for our whole community! I’ve loved books and libraries since I was a baby and I have to say the Dallas Public Library is one of the best around!

- Ashleigh

Thank you for all your work. My Park Forest Library is an essential part of my life. I feel lost when I don't have a book to read. I can't wait until a request I've made comes in. And everyone is so friendly at Park Forest. 

- Rita

I LOVE the Dallas Public Library’s robust collection of EBooks. As a Senior citizen this gives me hours of reading pleasure. Never have to worry about an overdue book. Never have to worry about driving to the Library when weather is not optimal for my driving skills. Ebooks are tax dollars well spent.

Suggestion/Question: Is there a way to give on-line, specifically to the the Dallas Public Library E-Book Collection, not the overall general fund for the City of Dallas?

- Nancy

 Park Forest librarians rock! Over the years, they have connected, directed and instructed us toward a richer education. The willingness of this staff to be involved with patrons of the library for exceed expectation. Once we were blessed to have our librarian meet our family at a Dallas museum. Recently, Steven Fagg came out to our home school community to judge our science fair. We are grateful for the commitment our librarians have made to education and to helping everyone who visits the library. 

 - CarrieAnne

I LOVE THE LIBRARY!! and the wonderful people that work there! Thanks for all that you do in helping Dallas be strong and grow stronger!

 - Susan

I grew up in Dallas one block from Casa View Library (RIP) and didn't think the library could possibly play a bigger role in my life. Then in June 2019, I became a mom. DPL's collection of books on pregnancy and infant care was and is a lifeline for me. I have checked out and read books on natural childbirth, breastfeeding, infant sleep, brain development, baby-led feeding, and so much more. We checked out board books like "You Nest Here With Me" and "Babies Can Sleep Anywhere" that are now my son's favorite bedtime reads. Just this morning, I placed a hold request for a book on baby sign language. It is hard to describe the richness that the library's collection has brought to my baby's world. Ideas and new learning trends that might have otherwise been inaccessible to someone in my socioeconomic class are now directly benefiting my family because of the library. I love you and you are stuck with us forever.

- Robyn

 I(we) appreciate all that you all do at our libraries. The (our) librarians and the staff (customer service, housekeeping, security, volunteers, and more) are friendly, resourceful, and supportive. It is always service with a SMILE at Highland Hills, West Dallas, Oak Cliff Kiest near Oliver Windell Holmes school, Hampton and our Downtown Central Library too. The facilities are always clean and a welcoming environment with weekly activities for all ages. The evening snacks are good for the kids getting out of school along with the engaging fun learning activities that follows. We even got outside some days with a fun activity that included some wellness/exercise.
Plus we got to meet our Dallas Mayor at Highland Hills last week.
So, keep up the good work and remember “The Largest Room In The House Is The Room For Improvement,” (Dr. Wright Lassiter,Jr., 2004).
Thank you all,
- J.

Been going to the library since I was 10 years old! Over the years, I have checked out books, movies, time on the computer, attend events and even request the library to purchase items. 

Whenever my routine changes or I move, I look for the nearest library to me. Which I did in 2011 when a major life change happened and found Prairie Creek library, with a great community room for juggling. I've been teaching there ever since we tried a 5-week trial. 

I love the community the library has allowed and encouraged me to participate and create!

All the Love and Happy Valentines!

 - Laura


Thank you for all that you do! Libraries are community and learning and warmth for all, and you make it happen.

 - Warren


As an avid read of nonfiction, the library affords me the opportunity to satisfy my intellectual curiosity, learn new things and read about interesting people and places. I also enjoy the special events such as plays and the music events at the downtown library on Sundays. Every time I’ve thought about moving to a suburb or another state, I’ve considered what I would give up by not having access to the Dallas Public libraries.

 - David


I’m happy my Forest/Green Library is getting a big upgrade. It serves so many people who need to use a computer, or introduce their kid to books, or take home a movie as well as reading material. The Librarians are always pleasant to deal with and very helpful.

 - Joyce

Thank you Dallas library system for the calm spaces that are your libraries, the access to an endless amount of learning materials and the convenient, modern digital management of borrows and status of borrows. I love the library!

 - Stephanie

I love how helpful the are when I can’t find something.

 - Jean


The library is a treasure trove of information, entertainment, News. The staff is friendly and helpful and easy to work with. I’m at a point in my life where I am divesting myself of books and other things, so the library is a place where I can continue to learn and enjoy reading without adding more stuff to my life.

 - Hedy

Your wonderful book sales help make possible our continued support to four Little Free Library children’s book boxes at north Arlington low-income elementary schools. Thank you so much!!!

 - Susan

My wife, and I started checking out recorded books when they were all on cassette tapes. The first one that we checked out was Ray Bradbury’s “The Martian Chronicles,” and we were sold. We have tried out many authors that we would not have tried for reading. We always checked out two recorded books at a time Jan listens to one while walking or driving, and I listen to the other. Then we switch. We greatly appreciate the unabridged recorded books at the Dallas Public Library in addition to books that we can check out online. By the way, we are both techies, engineers by education. We still are geeks, even in our mid 70’s. Thank you, thank you. Librarians are always fun to engage in conversation, because they love books. 

 - Tom

I love the Dallas Public Libraries because they connect the city and me to the city! I have access to so many more opportunities thanks to the libraries. Other than the all important reading, there are workshops, performances, gardening, history, art-making and so much more I have taken advantage of through the library. When the library improves we improve individually and collectively as a community!

 - Roselle

Thank you for all you do!

 - Linda

I like how I can request a book or DVD not found at White Rock Hills branch and have it sent to me there from other branches. In the old days, I would have to drive out all over the city to get something I really wanted. Thank you!

- Gerald

We love the Dallas Public Library! Thank you for all you do to supply all our reading needs. Everyone is always so helpful and friendly. Thanks for being a vital part of our community!

 - Abby

I love the Dallas Public Library for many reasons. First, it is a happy place! The staff is so kind and anxious to help. It is busy inside, but peaceful. The orderliness is very appealing to me and the promise of so many new books to read fills my heart with joy. There are always nice people there and I feel like they are kindred spirits. I’m so thankful to have a wonderful branch near my home.

Many thanks to all of the Dallas Public Library staff. I appreciate everything you do!

 - Ellen

The library has been a very special place for me since I was a small child. I bonded with my dad by going with him to the library almost every weekend. I could hardly contain the excitement I felt about the endless possibilities I would encounter in new-to-me books.

As an adult, I have a deeper appreciation for libraries and their importance to our community. I want every child in Dallas to have a place where they can develop a love for reading—no matter what their circumstances. I want adult to benefit from a place where technology and other services are available so everyone can reach their full potential. And I’m personally grateful I can borrow books, DVDs, audiobooks and other materials. I save money, avoid waste and keep my home free of clutter by sharing with others.

 - April

I love the library because it feeds my reading addiction! No more am I slave to spending oddles to get my fix. I can put in my requests, and be notified when it comes in to my favorite local branch. A shout out to the fabulous folks that work the White Rock Library – they are friendly, professional and helpful in every way. So thankful for the Dallas Public Library!

 - Christine

What would I do without our great DPL, and it’s staff people? I love being able to order my books online, and them to be able to pick them up at my local branch. I love getting to know helpful librarians there.

This may be one of the best uses of my tax dollars. Happy Valentine’s Day – May everyone get a raise! May the Library get a million dollar endowment!

 - Patricia

Have you read “ The Library Book” by Ms. Orlean?!?! THAT’S WHY I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE ALL LIBRARIES!!!!

 - Rita

This week I particularly love the library because I checked out children’s books to read to my grandson when he recently visited from several states away. I also appreciate that I live in near proximity to several DPL branches. AND I always loved the library—that’s why my graduate degree (completed 50 years ago) is an MLS!

 - Sheila

Roses are red

Violets are purple

Dallas Library staff is

Sweeter than maple syrup-le.

Have a BEE-you-tiful Day!

 - Cynthia

I love my library because it has books and wonderful people to help me find them! Librarians and Archivist are vital people in our world. They should be better valued by the world and better paid by the city!


You can’t know how much you are appreciated. It is impossible to show enough gratitude for all you do. Thank you in love,

 - Len

I’ve living temporarily in the USA. I don’t have friends and the library has helped me so much, I read all the time, books that would have been impossible for me to obtain. I joined a book club and this month is the first meeting, I’m really hopeful to make new friends and learn about the American culture. Without the library I wouldn’t be able to join. Thank you.

-  Nohelia 

I’ve loved libraries for as long as I can remember. Thank you for continuing to support our community by providing books, activities and a warm safe place to escape the chaos of city life.


 - Anna

I think a library is the best place in the world and the window to the world. I think librarians are the most helpful of all public servants and business people, and it always amazes me. In a world of recordings trying to keep you from talking to people, they are warm humans actually eager to help you. They are eager to help you find whatever crazy thing you want to find, and they seem to enjoy the adventure in it. I think this is the most wonderful thing and you are all my valentines.

With love, Mary

You have created a welcoming, educational community space. I always feel like I’ve entered a treasure house of wonderful adventures. Thanks for being kind and respectful, helpful and competent.

 - Gary

I <3 Libby and your unabridged CDs. And I know I can get useful suggestions from the librarians.

 - Jan

 How do I love thee? Let me count the pages. 

 - Mike

 We love our libraries. We love close to both Lochwood and White Rock Hills and enjoy programming at both. Especially enjoy the events at the Black Box At Lochwood. 

 - Betty

 The librarians and volunteers at the central library, Hampton-Illinois, and Paul Laurence Dunbar are so wonderful! They smile when I walk up. The provide thorough answers. They go out of their way to help me. And I love the programming at the libraries I am so grateful for our library staff and our libraries. 

 - Ann

Roses are red

Librarians are true

My toddler loves books

And I sure do too!

 - Emily

 Thank all of you who work so carefully, graciously and with much efficiency to get books to us who dither over if we will get the book we ordered. Being at our Audelia Road Library is a very comforting experience for me and many other. Congratulations for the fine job you do  

 - Anne

I appreciate the library and librarians – you have helped me write excellent papers! Happy Valentine’s Week!

 - Nicole

 You’re right I LOVE the Dallas Public Library! I’m an avid user, an avid reader, and I can search the whole system for any subject I am interested in through my computer. When the book(s) come in I am greeted with “hellos’ and smiling faces. What a wonderful community resource – thank you Dallas. 

 - Audrey

 You are my partner in life. I need and love <3 your service. 

 - Lucy

Librarians always have happy faces and are eager to assist; they know just where everything is located and willingly leads us there. Double thank yous for every time someone is not appreciative.

 - Susan

 I love the help finding unusual books and suggestions for reference! Thank you!! 

 - Patricia

I love the staff because they’re always happy, helpful and patient when I need help. Always happy to see them. They love the library and all the people they help. They also love books! ;)

- Donna

Dear librarians,

I love Dallas Public Libraries because they are welcoming spaces for everyone. I have been a regular visitor at Oak Lawn, Lakewood, Fretz Park and Forest Park branches.

I love your collection of original titles in Spanish (not so much the translations), and I hope it keeps growing.

I am also in love with Libby! I wish I had enough time to read a portion of the books you offer

 - Biviana

I love both my local (Hampton-Illinois) and downtown libraries because of the dedicated folks who work there. Also to be mentioned are the book clubs and Library Friends associated with the libraries. God bless them real good over and over again!

 - Pauline

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You all are the best. Thanks for you continued helpfulness and friendliness. Really make a difference to the folks of Dallas!

 - Ellen

Happy Valentine’s Day! I love your e-books and audiobooks, thanks for the great collection. :D

 - Emily

 Friendly staff. I like all the programs the library offers 

 - Mary

Escape, information, entertainment—books have gotten me through good times and bad all my life, and libraries have been a huge part of that. I’ve found refuge in libraries, I chose colleges based almost entirely on their libraries, and the Dallas library is part of my lifelong love. Lakewood is my home branch, but I go to several branches as well as the downtown library, and the staff in every single one is always friendly, helpful, and accommodating. The books may be why I go, but the staff tending those books and those who come looking for them makes all the difference.

 - Meredith

I have special memories of going to the library when I was a young girl. We lived in Lake Highlands, when St. John’s Episcopal Church was Harter Farm, there were paddleboats at White Rock Lake and Lovers Lane, between Greenville and Skillman was a two-lane road between horse farms…

My favorite time was when my mother would gather all the children (5) and head to the library in Lakewood. It was a fascinating building, which I still love but it has gone on to serve other purposes. I love to read. As we grew, the Book Mobile began to come to our ‘new’ shopping center at Buckner and Lake Highlands roads. That day Maynard’s Pharmacy served $.16 sodas for everyone who went to the Book Mobile. Imagine that…. Books and almost free sodas!

My mother was an active participant in the genealogy department downtown. It was such a help to her when she became interested in mapping out our family tree.

As I grew, the library was a source of knowledge and a resource for all the term papers assigned. Even as a grad student, working on a Masters in Social Work, it had a wealth of studies and theoretical papers to back up points for an argument of paper due.

When I went to work.. it was still handy for the grants I had to submit to cover the costs of the nonprofit organizations I found myself in. Still handy as well as provides a ‘teaching’ arm for all those who finding new sources of revenue.

One of those agencies dealt with the inability to read for oneself. The agency partnered on many fronts with the Central and many branches to borrow books that we could record and many recordings found their way to the library bookshelves. We also participated in the Dallas summer reading programs

As a parent, I made sure my children had the same opportunity to love books just as I had been given. As a result, all three (including my child with Down syndrome) are readers – avid readers. I give books for Christmas and birthday presents (new ones and classics). In fact, my daughter with Down syndrome is going to her book club this evening, hosted by the Down Syndrome Guild of Dallas. They have dinner and take turns reading and discussing the books they read.

Thank you all for providing me, and my children, with such a rich and encouraging environment for learning – making it fun and inviting. This is a valentine for all of you who spend your day helping others, keeping things straight and encouraging little ones to grow up loving books!

 - Betty